How Does Bumble Work?

Bumble is available only in the mobile app; it does not have any PC version like Tinder. To use, you have to download the Bumble app from the play store and the app store for Android and iOS smartphones, respectively. This well-known dating app also uses swiping and matches procedures like another world famous dating app known as Tinder. The Bumble app’s unique thing is that here the women are given the sole power to start any conversation. The match making procedure is straightforward, which includes both the parties right-swipe each other, but even after getting a match, only the girl has the power to begin the chat.

Usage and Layout of Bumble App

Like all other dating apps, Bumble has a sign-in page that requires the user to connect his or her Facebook account. The bio details are required to create a profile, such as age, name, schooling, profession, etc. You do not have to input these details as you connect your Facebook account manually. All the details are automatically gathered from there. You can also edit the details if you feel like it. You can upload a total of six photos that will be visible to the other users. If you like any profile, you can swipe it right, and if you do not like it, you can pass the profile by swiping left. The user can swipe upward for viewing all your photos and bio.

Starting Conversation on Bumble

Bumble has a unique way of working. The first phase is similar to the other dating apps, where both the profiles need to the right swipe each other for chatting. When it is a match, the profile is added to the connection list inside the application. The conversation takes place depending on the gender of the user or the sexual preference of the user. For users of the same sex, either one can start the conversation with each other. By this, we can understand that Bumble highly supports the LGBT community and offers this facility to them. If the situation is between opposite genders, only the women have the facility to start the conversation if she wants to do it; men cannot do it even if it is a match. After a match, the girl gets 24 hours to start the conversation. The boy cannot message, but will see that the girl likes his profile. Bumble has other portals like Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz, where these limitations are not imposed.

Working of Bumble Algorithm

  • People liking your profile come first in the list: This working algorithm is valid for all types of dating apps. This feature keeps the people at the beginning of your list who have already liked your profile or right-swiped you. This increases the probability of getting a match very quickly. This feature gives priority to that profile, which is already interested in you hence saving your time. This does not mean that you have to like those profiles; it is up to you that whichever profile you like, you can right swipe. If you do not use Bumble for a few days, then the profiles’ suggestion is quickly randomized.
  • Bumble does not use AI: People might imagine that Bumble takes your likings and preferences into consideration and then provides you with the profiles. This imagination is very wrong; Bumble does not do it; the profiles provided to you are entirely randomized and do not follow any of your preferences. This is the reason sometimes you can come across those profiles, which are opposite to your preference.
  • Bumble Flags For Unrestrained Right Swiping: This is one of the very effective algorithm features that keep the users genuine to the regulations and the rules of Bumble. Rapidly right-swiping can indicate that the user is just looking for a casual date or a sex date and is not interested in finding any potential partner for a serious relationship.
  • Bumble Gives Priority to the Popular Profiles: The algorithm in Bumble works so that the profiles that are very much popular are shown before the other less popular profiles. This feature is very much important for the growth of the app. New Bumble users will be attracted to the popular profiles compared to the less popular profiles and will be much more eager to use Bumble.
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