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In the present day, Tinder is considered to be the most used and most popular dating app all around the world. It has more than 60 million users that cover almost 190 countries in the world. In this article, we will learn about Tinder used in PC and its demerits and merits.

Getting Started

Tinder is a type of dating application that focuses on both serious relationships and casual hookups. This app was solely available on the android and iOS mobiles, but in recent years the PC version of Tinder has also been launched. The reason for launching the PC version of this app was to expand the customer base so that other than accessing the app only from mobile, people can also use it through their computers. The objective was to eliminate the problems caused by mobile phones, such as there are many areas where you cannot use your phone much, or your phone might not have enough storage to download the application. Apart from this, a few pros make Tinder PC easier and more straightforward compared to the mobile versions.

Ways to Access Tinder for PC

For the mobile version, you have to download the Tinder application from the application store. For the PC version, you do not have to do that; you can visit Tinder’s official website and open your account. There are only two ways of creating your Tinder account.

  • You can create your account by using your Facebook.
  • You can create your account with the help of your phone number.

Depending on which method you choose to open your account, you will be asked to log in every time you visit your account with those details. If you provide your phone number for creating the Tinder account, it will provide you with a security code for verification. You allow the Tinder website to detect your location as the application relies on the location for finding matches.

Working of Tinder PC

Using Tinder is very easy, as well as simple. The first thing you must do is create your profile, which will be visible to the other users. After this, the swiping comes; if you like the profile, you can right swipe, and if you don’t like the profile, you can swipe left. When the other person and you both right-swipe each other, it is considered a match. When matching is done, then you start chatting with that person. Getting a match is very important else; you will not be able to chat.

In the mobile version, you can swipe directly as all the phones have a touch screen facility; but for PC, you need to click on the profile and drag it left or right according to your wish. The chats are also easily accessible; it is available at to right top corner, and you can click on that to view all your chats.


  • Accessibility: In our world, most people have smartphones with an internet connection. But there are many cities where people still do not have smartphones or wifi outside their homes. For those people, Tinder PC can be great for finding people around them.
  • Speed: When you get familiar with the PC version controls, then chatting and swiping will be much easier for you. Chatting and swiping will be much faster for you in Tinder PC compared to the mobile version.
  • Chance of Meeting More People: Tinder PC was introduced to expand the reach of people on Tinder all over the world. Hence, you will be able to view verities of profiles on Tinder PC, and the probability of getting a match will be more.
  • Big Screen: It is obvious that the computer screen is much bigger than the mobile screen, and this big-screen also has some advantages. You do not have to open different tabs for your profile, chats, and swiping.
  • Options only for PC: There are keyboard shortcuts that can only be applied to Tinder PC, and it does not work on the mobile version of Tinder. E.g., CTRL+F can be used to search any word from you, Tinder Chats.


  • People who used the mobile version of Tinder might face problem typing and click rather than the touch screen facility. So the only disadvantage is that the mobile user will take some time to get used to the PC interface. There are no other disadvantages.
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