Tinder Icebreakers

Tinder is considered to a glorious and most useful app if you want to find someone special in your life. A few people use Tinder as an app for casual hook-ups and sex dates like Ashley Madison and BeNaughty. In contrast, other people use Tinder to find serious relationships like eHarmony. The purpose does not matter much; for finding someone and creating a bond with that person, you need to start a conversation properly. Normal Sups, Hi, Hellos are not enough to get the job done on Tinder; you need to have something more than the average and mainstream things.

If you want to have the girl’s attention, you need to start the conversation differently and uniquely so that the girl finds you attractive and gets attracted to you. You also need to keep in mind that you cannot have the same way of starting conversations with different women because different women have different preferences, so you have to choose the icebreaker according to the girls’ preferences. Some girls like sweet talks, some like a good sense of humor, so things are different for different girls. For having a proper icebreaker, you need to know her first.

Recognizing Ideal Icebreaker

Recognizing the right icebreaker is a very important thing that a user must do it properly. For this purpose, it is very important to go through the girl’s profile with whom you want to start a conversation. Check her pictures and her bio; try to find something interesting and useful to start a conversation and grab her attention. You should notice some details in her pictures like what dress she is wearing, whether the picture is taken at her home or at any club, and if she is with her friend or alone in the picture; by noticing these details, you can eventually come close to find a good icebreaker.

Funny Icebreakers – How to Come Up With One of Your Own

A person mostly uses the funny icebreakers for approaching a girl. The girl often likes wittiness and a good sense of humor; hence funny icebreakers are a good option to attract her attention. Add a little twist to some cheesy lines, and it can work like magic; the girls find it funny, and they will start talking to you. Then try playing small and tricky games with her like kiss, marry and kill game. You put your name with the other two celebrity names; she will choose to kill you, and that is your chance you can ask her to meet before she kills you in the game.

These jokes and games can be a good icebreaker, and it will also make the girl a bit comfortable with you. You can talk about superheroes and games, but that should depend on the girl’s interest; you should check first if she is interested in any superheroes or games or not. You can give her fake name challenges; this will keep the girl interested and involved and provide you more time to think about your next step. Try to be a bit romantic, but without the clich├ęs. You can even try and play with her name, but keep in mind that you do not say anything bad with her name. This might piss her off, and she might not talk with you again.

With all the jokes and games, you can also use Gifs and emojis for spicing up things. These Gifs and emojis act as great icebreakers. A word of caution is that you do not use too much of these Gifs and emojis as it may imply that you are at a loss of words, and it can put a wrong impression on the girl.

Situation When the Tinder Icebreakers Fail

There can be this situation where you have properly analyzed her pictures and bio and came up with a good icebreaker. Yet, the girl does not show any interest in you or discontinue chatting with you after some time. If this happens, do not lose your hope and try with another girl; there is nothing to worry about. There are some reasons due to which this situation arises.

    • The style you have chosen is wrong.
    • You Opener can be too shocking or too dull.
    • The girl might have any other match, and she is much more interested in that match.
    • The girl is not in the mood.
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